producer mentor

Hi there!

I’m Alexandros Ouzas (Alexi for short!) the founder of Exile entertainment, an Australian-based production and distribution company, whose purpose is to empower filmmakers to execute their creative vision.

And we don’t just talk the talk.

Exile independently finances, produces and distributes its own films, giving our creative collaborators full creative control over their work. 

As well as running Exile with a team of talented collaborators, I help filmmakers around the world build a career in the film industry by teaching them how to consistently finance and produce their own films through my online training program, Exile Accelerator.

If you’re curious, here’s my story.


I launched Exile’s first online training program, Exile Accelerator, in November 2019 with the purpose of helping more filmmakers finance and produce their films. Since my very first feature film, I always thought about how I could best relay my experience to other filmmakers as I felt there was a lack of practical knowledge available to filmmakers, particularly when it came to finance and producing. As a sole Producer, there was also a real time constraint to the number of filmmakers I could work with. Creating an online program would allow me to work with filmmakers at a greater scale and across the whole world, helping me to fulfill Exile’s mission to empower filmmakers with the commercial ability to execute their creative vision.

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